No More Games

There is an endless list of what is driving me to run for office. The bottom line is I have been in the trenches taking risks and fighting to push Amesbury forward for years. 

To make a real, positive difference, it takes a bold, relentless leader willing to challenge all status quo powers. 

I will not be intimidated and am not fazed by the usual power games. When elected, we will become a leader and example of outstanding local development that other communities will follow.

Everyone will be treated exactly the same. From the lonely homeowner, all the way up to the biggest traditional power players. 

The Right Candidate for Amesbury

I am the most qualified of the candidates to be mayor. I have wide-ranging experience that perfectly suits me for the position. 

I have worked close to eight years for one of the most well respected and largest global economic consulting firms, working with the largest corporations in the world. At the same time, I have significant public sector experience as well, at all levels of government: federal, state, and local. 

Most prominently, I worked for more than a decade as a planner for the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission. Examples of work I was involved with was helping securing federal brownfields cleanup money for the region, which assisted projects such as the Lower Millyard cleanup. Of course, I was involved in significant regional planning work, such as managing the regional comprehensive economic development strategy program, which required working with local, state, and federal government officials, as well as private and nonprofit leaders in the region. Finally, I spearheaded the growth of the acclaimed regional economic development marketing and data campaign. 

The final experience example is that I recently completed 8 years as an elected member of the Amesbury Planning Board, which put me in direct contact with all the major developments of Amesbury. 

My education perfectly suits me for the position of Amesbury mayor as well, as I have degrees in economics, political science, and public management, with a concentration in economic development.

Most importantly, though, is I am the only candidate with a concrete platform and plan of action for the community.