Guided by a Proactive Master Plan

Simply put, we should be guided by a Master Plan, which is well overdue for a revisit. Think about how much has changed not only in Amesbury, but demographics and development trends in general since the last Amesbury planning effort that began almost 20 years ago.

Still, I have zero interest in engaging in a long, drawn-out planning process that yields little in the way of tangible results. I have been in the planning profession long enough to know that this is typically how community plans are done. By the time the planning process is complete, actual implementation of an action plan is almost forgotten. People get exhausted by tedious planning steps and you end up with an overly large planning document filled with unnecessary data and information that ends up just collecting dust on a shelf.

Just like a 21st century business development plan, we need a modern community planning process. I will push for a series of quick, “micro-burst” master planning efforts leading to progressive, action-oriented efforts in: 

  • open space protection; 
  • historic preservation; 
  • road/sidewalk improvements; 
  • sustainable development; 
  • public health; 
  • and priorities for our schools