Amazon for Amesbury

This is just one effort that needs to occur to fully realize the potential of our business community and drive much more foot traffic to our downtown core. I have already developed a full online shopping platform and plan for our Amesbury business community, both brick and mortar, as well as small home-based businesses. I have begun the planning outreach with our business community for this necessary 21st century small business and community survival plan. 

The bottom line is we need to bring more foot traffic and business to the downtown core. I have made my position very clear on this. The heart of Amesbury is our beautiful downtown. I've lived here long enough to have heard magic silver bullet after magic silver bullet that was going to save us and cure all our problems. But that is not how community development works. However, they are easy talking points for politicians who don't know what they are talking about. But again, it is the easy and lazy thing to just say you are for economic development, or you want to better market the community. . Some silver bullet examples include: the Golden Triangle,; Amesbury Fashion Mall; Terrasphere Plan at the Truck Stop, etc. 

Amesbury can't hide anymore from the obvious discord among major factions that is damaging the potential of our community. It is pretty unprecedented for a sitting Chamber of Commerce head in a small community to run against an incumbent mayor. We need a sort of cleansing to sweep away the toxic negative energy that is permeating between factions in Amesbury and in a way, start from a fresh, clean slate.  I am the only candidate that is in a position to be able to do that.